About Us

The Profero Group offers a unique approach to managed markets resources.

We were founded in 2004 for the specific purpose of addressing the challenges pharma, biotech, and medical device firms face in producing compliant and impactful pull-through materials. Since that time, we have worked with over 40 brands across 23 therapeutic categories to develop better-informed prescribers and create opportunities for market share growth among appropriate patients.

We are fundamentally different than traditional creative agencies in both structure and focus. In contrast to typical vendors, Profero Group focuses on managed markets tactics and is able to coordinate the entire range of activities required to bring access and reimbursement resources to market. Our internal efficiencies and targeted capabilities increase speed-to-market for print and digital materials, while simultaneously decreasing project cost and complexity for our clients.

The Profero Group is dedicated to providing flexible creative solutions and support, while adapting to each brand’s market position, processes, and managed markets goals.

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Beyond Design: 3 Services in One

What you see is not always all that you get…Our comprehensive and integrated approach to managed markets is what sets us apart. At Profero Group, we go beyond the page and beyond the screen in support of your pull-through tactics, combining design with data and project management.

In addition to leveraging our design studio, Profero Group personnel can work with your organization and/or your data vendors to coordinate the accompanying processes and back office activities underlying each job. Our collaboration often starts by working directly with account management and/or Brand Partners at the time of a market event or status change, and continues through referencing, review processes, and file release. We also access data directly through third-party agreements, and are therefore familiar with the leading managed markets data sources and formats.

Our methods were inspired by observing universal issues encountered by managed markets teams when implementing field tactics. We realized that untapped efficiencies would allow us to increase speed-to-market while simultaneously decreasing complexity for our clients through custom support.

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Profero Client Benefits

The overriding goal of any Profero project is to provide measurable benefits to our clients. These benefits are often multi-faceted and include:

  • Speed-to-market
  • Materials with increased accuracy and impact
  • Compliance with company and plan guidelines
  • Increased product awareness and availability for appropriate patients
  • Cost-effective solutions with increased ROI
  • Added bandwidth for our clients to focus on higher-level strategic issues
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    Profero Team

    The Profero Group consists of a diverse team of creative and managed markets professionals dedicated to providing solutions and customized support for each of our managed markets clients.

    We apply experience from pharma, biotech, medical devices, advertising, and other industries directly to our clients on an individualized basis. Our teams are also each cross-trained across multiple therapeutic categories and aspects of our managed markets business to smoothly handle volume spikes based on market events. This approach provides a broader perspective on each client project and eliminates the "silo mentality," which often limits creative vision and effectiveness. We view each project in terms of how it can ultimately help clients achieve their business goals.

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    Profero Leadership

    Tate Rarick, Managing Director

    Tate brings our company 20 years of experience leading projects across a wide range of departments and functional areas. Prior to founding The Profero Group, Tate was employed by Johnson & Johnson's pharmaceutical managed markets group, where he managed strategic customer marketing initiatives and served on multiple business planning and product launch teams.

    His experience also includes time with American Express and Rosenbluth International, where he specialized in evaluating and implementing partnerships and strategic alliances. Additionally, Tate obtained international experience leading account management efforts for the US subsidiary of Japanís Riken Technos Corporation earlier in his career.

    Tate earned his MBA from The Wharton School in Finance and Entrepreneurial Management, finishing in the top 5% of his class as a Palmer Scholar. He also holds an MA in East Asian Studies from the University of Pennsylvania, a BS in Economics with Honors from the University of Delaware, and is a trained Six Sigma Green Belt.

    Dominic Lazzaro, Director, Strategic Accounts

    Dominic brings a valuable range of pharmaceutical industry experience and expertise to Profero Group. Throughout his career, Dominic has established a proven track record of building impactful strategic plans, managing successful marketing campaigns and developing high-performing teams.

    Prior to joining Profero Group, Dominic worked at Johnson & Johnson in roles of increasing responsibility across both Finance and Marketing. His wide array of experience includes professional/payer marketing, digital marketing, strategic planning, product launch and franchise restructuring. In addition to his work in pharma, Dominic has held positions in the financial services industry at Marlin Leasing and Smith Barney, where he focused on developing risk management strategies for commercial clients.

    Dominic earned his MBA from The Rutgers Business School with a concentration in Finance and Marketing. He also holds an undergraduate degree from Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania, where he received a BS in Finance.

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